Welcome to Camp Ventallan

"Yo, welcome to camp!" You are greeted by a thunderbird wearing dark sunglasses. His blue feathered crest whips in the wind, and thunder booms in the distance. Meh, it should be nothing.

Meet the Characters

Main Characters:

Cirrus | Frost | Paradise | Scorch | Terra | Tide

Other Campers:

Ash | Dusk | Glade | Luna | Magnolia | Sol


Agate | Blitz | Churro | Nimbus | Nyla


Dune | Flare | Ironclaw

The Thing About Paradise Specific:

Prince Grandeur | Lady Hibiscus | Advisor Kamadro | Running Mist | Queen Vibrance | Nana Whiskers

Read the Stories

Main Stories:



The Thing About Paradise

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